My Portfolio

May 10, 2017
arrow Orthopedic Care Center New website
Orthopedic Care Center Miami Florida
April 20, 2017
arrow K&H Home Solution new website
K&H Home Solution new website. Visit the website:
February 10, 2017
arrow Bellamay Grand new website
Bellamay  Grand is a very nice apartment complex in Gainesville Florida
January 12, 2017
arrow Advanced Orthopaedics
Advanced Orthopedic. Visit de website:  
October 12, 2016
arrow New Life Regenerative website design
New Life Regenerative Medicine is a company, specializing in regenerative medicine. I made the website design as part of my job at Socius.
September 12, 2016
arrow WorkPlace Furniture WorkPlace Furniture Inc. is an 11-year-old regional office furniture dealership. My work inside Socius Marketing was made the new website design.
August 10, 2016
arrow Shiner Roofing responsive website design. Shiner Roofing is a company Established in 1981 in Maryland Virginia, as part of my job in Socius Marketing I made the design of their new responsive website.
April 10, 2016
arrow Wellspring Clinic Website Design
Wellspring is an in-progress website design project for wellspring Clinic in Shenandoah VA.
January 12, 2016
arrow MHE Materials Handling
MHE Materials Handling
January 10, 2016
arrow Coordinated Shooting Method CSM is a website dedicated that give information about the method (coordinated shooting method) created by  John Higgins. This was my first design as a designer at Socius Marketin...
September 25, 2015
arrow App Orgullo de mi tierra, Android and iOS7
App Orgullo de mi Tierra, Android, and iOS7. The Dominican Republic 2015
August 20, 2015
arrow Melia Habana Hotel WiFi Web Portal
Meliá Habana Hotel hires us to make a web portal that serves as a landing page for customers when the were using the wifi service. this portal shows information about the main hotel services and area...
May 14, 2010
arrow Printing design 2010 to 2014
Here some examples of my work as a Graphic Designer from 2010 to 2014. Differents clients and projects.

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